Hey Friends, Welcome!

Welcome to Morgan Creates, a company built for beginners to build confidence in the kitchen. I’m Morgan Lewis originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and now currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her extended “framily” and friends. I love to not only cook but laughing very loudly, reciting lyrics to all the popular songs, and spending far too much time cackling at memes.

I’ve always had a passion for cooking and creating a cookbook has always been something on my bucket list and now it has finally come to light. The creation of this cookbook is to help amateur cooks to gain more confidence in the kitchen. “I wanted to address the reality that access to healthy and “luxurious” foods is not afforded to all. This book offers people trying to make it
in the game of life---students, employees, siblings, family members--a resource to help build self-assurance and ease the intimidation of cooking a meal, while also being cost-efficient. Meals don’t have to be expensive; sometimes, the simplicity of meals makes them taste that much better. Food is the best enjoyed with the ones that make you feel good and laugh. It is my hope that you will create a dish to enjoy with the ones you love and that you feel good after every bite.”