Morgan Creates was founded in 2020 by Morgan Lewis. Morgan turned her passion for making spaces feel more comfortable and eating with friends, into a small business. Thus, Morgan Creates was born.

Morgan Creates curates’ inspiration for the home through connecting people with items/offerings that add a sense of luxury into their lives while allowing them to create a space that reflects what they love.

At Morgan Creates, we believe that luxury is all about providing comfort and convenience into your life. 

Luxury can be found in a wide range, from the most simple and minimal to the most extreme and extravagant, as long as it produces for you a state of harmony and perfection.

With everything we sell, we focus on handcrafted goods in small batches or locally sourced for quality assurance.

Our aim at Morgan Creates is not to become just a store. We want to be the place where you create and enhance the lifestyle you've always wanted.