Lavender Dreams Bath Bomb

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Step into a world of calm and serenity with our Lavender Dreams Bath Bomb. This unique creation softens the classic herbal aroma of lavender into a delicate musk-like scent, reminiscent of a dreamy stroll through a field of lavender in bloom. It's an imaginative twist on traditional lavender, offering a soothing and luxurious bath experience.


  • Softened lavender scent provides a relaxing and calming effect.
  • Gentle musk-like notes add a layer of soothing softness.
  • Ideal for a tranquil, stress-relieving bath.
  • Made with natural, eco-friendly ingredients for a gentle, skin-kind experience.

How to use:

Simply drop the bath bomb into warm water and watch as it fizzes, enveloping your senses in the delicate, musk-infused lavender aroma.

How to store:

Keep it in a dry place to preserve its unique scent and quality, ensuring it's perfect for your next indulgent escape.