Gentle Oats Bath Bomb

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Indulge in the luxurious blend of our Gentle Oats Bath Bomb, a perfect harmony of rich, sweet vanilla paired with the natural comfort of oatmeal. This bath bomb is designed to offer a sumptuous and soothing bath experience, with a hint of sharp spice notes that elegantly round out the vanilla's sweetness. It's an inviting, warm embrace for your senses and skin.


  • Rich vanilla provides a sweet, luxurious aroma.
  • Oatmeal gently soothes and cares for the skin.
  • Sharp spice undertones add a unique and invigorating twist.
  • Formulated with natural ingredients for a nurturing and eco-friendly bath experience.

How to use:

Place the bath bomb in warm water, let it fizz away, and immerse yourself in the enticing blend of vanilla and spice.

How to store:

Store your bath bomb in a dry area to ensure it stays fresh and effective for your next relaxing bath session.