"Relate" Bath Soak: Bamboo Jade Lime

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If you’re thinking of treating yourself to an at-home spa day, this hydrating and antioxidant-filled bath salt is the perfect companion as you soak in suds. All-natural, hand-harvested, ethically sourced Himalayan Salt and organically grown Bamboo Jade Salt are used to help exfoliate and balance skin in this project. 100% natural Pomace Olive Oil promotes intense moisturizing and blending it witch a sweet, nutty, sexy combination of creamy shea butter, vanilla, luxurious sandalwood plus lavender buds for a calming effect, make this bath salt perfectly serene.



Pink Himalayan salt, Bamboo Jade salt, Olive Pomace Oil, Lavender buds, Fragrance.


How To Use:

Use drawstrings on organza bag to tie the bag to the bath faucet. Draw your bath with the bag attached. Once ready remove the bag from the faucet and reseal. If you want, allow the bath tea to steep in the bath.