The Body Soak

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There is nothing like a luxurious, rejuvenating, and amazing smelling bathing experience! These bath soaks guarantee that experience. Our bath soaks use epsom salts, essential oils and herbs to help detoxify and relax the body. Epsom salts are high in magnesium, act as a wonderful pain reliever, and help relieve achy muscles and work to detox the body. They can be used in a relaxing detox bath at any time, but are especially useful during cold and flu season.

They come in two variants: 

Breathe- This soak helps with sinus relief. It is a special blend helps to gain relief from sinus congestion and aching muscles with epsom salt, eucalyptus, and peppermint. It's like a vapor rub without the mediciny smell!

Relax- Start off your self-care day by relaxing in a warm bath immersed with a natural, hand-blended pink Himalayan soaking salt. Infused with lavender chamomile oil and herbs to achieve a peaceful and calming experience.